Inspired by the past - Designed for the future

We are probably one of the smallest companies in the bike industry, but even a small company can produce big results.

Our small family run engineering company has a background in design and manufacturing of electronics and machine technology since 25 years.

Starting a few years back, we have been hard at work developing a very special ebike, the ”Nyström Special”.

We have designed the Nystrom Special ourselves and made the prototypes here in Sweden. All the testing and product improvements are done here as well. For production parts are mainly sourced from Taiwan, then shipped to us for final assembly and quality control.

The story about Nyström Cykel all started out in the workshop. The shop master wanted to build a bike, dreaming about the ”perfect” bike. He likes classic design but also knows all about modern high tech.

This resulted in a very special bike. ”Only the best parts on this bike”.

We decided already from the start to go ”all in”, to design and build a bike like no other. Working quietly together for many months, we finally finished our first prototype.

As soon as we started using the bike, people started asking questions:

What a cool bike, where did you buy it ? Everyone seemed to like our bike.


What do we do now ?  - Build more bikes !

At the same time as we continued the testing of the first prototype, we started building two more prototypes. They were improved versions and painted in other colors. Now there was no stopping this project, everyone who tried our bike liked it and several asked:

- When can I buy it ?

Two prototypes later and an enormous developement work, the Nyström Special enters production,

- a new bicycle brand is born.

How did all this happen ?

Work at the office with design and drawings. After office hours, the family usually gathered in the workshop. There were many late hours in the workshop as the prototypes developed. Lots of testing of the mechanical parts as well as the electrical system. Hundreds of hours programming the controller to fine tune the system to get the ”perfect” feeling.

Working on one of the prototypes.

We are going to build the best and the coolest bikes ever. That’s our goal and our mission.

The Nystrom Special is equally at home in the city as on smooth road stretches. It even works well on outback gravel roads. We wanted to design an ebike with good looks and the best of :

electronics, motor, gearboxes, BMS, Dc/Dc converter, hidden battery, controller, brakes, safety etc.

A fantastic retro-vintage feeling with built in quality.

We had a few wishes/demands on our bike :

- Timeless, hand it over to your next generation.

- Classic and simple design, lasts forever.

- Performance is fun.

- State of the art high tech.

- A joy to ride.

This made for a bike with some unusual ideas :

- Design from scratch, no presumtions what a bike should look like.

- A frame with dual upper tubes, welded from chrommoly steel tubes.

- Longer wheelbase, increased fork angle.

- Fixed battery pack with high energy content, the latest Samsung cells.

- Geared high torque motor.

- World class motor control utilising field oriented control.

- Front fork inspired by motorcycles with dual crowns.

We’ve put in a lot of work on the battery tank.

First we made a metal outline of the tank, this was used to cut out slices of foam.

The slices were glued together to form the tank.

After countless hours of filling and sanding, we had a plug which was used to make the composite moulds.

Finally we could manufacture and finish the battery tank parts.

They are made from glass composite which is strong and teperature resistant.

That’s just one example of a custom part on our bike.

The Nystrom Bike motto :

- We design our bikes.

- We build our bikes.

- We sell our bikes.

- We service our bikes.

-What is design ?

To us, it’s the whole, not just the look or the skin.

You have to have an honest and serious design.

The product must be robust and functional, then you can take in the design.

There should not be any line between the outer and inner design, it all needs to be solid and genuine.

- Our bikes are personal.

That means we have designed the Nystrom Special just like we wanted it.

We hope you like it too.         

Inspired by the past – Designed for the future