Support and service


Inspired by the past - Designed for the future


The Nystrom staff are always available for support and service. If you don’t have the time to service your Nystrom Special, there are many bicycle shops around that can help you with normal bike service.

The electrical system does not require any service except charging the battery. Should you experience any problems with the electrical system, please contact our customer service by email and describe the problem.

Manuals are available on the website, see menu to the left. A clean bike will last longer and be much happier.

Best is to store your Nystrom Special in a dry place, like a garage or such. Some people keep it the living room just because…

These things may need extra attention:

Tires – we pump them up to 1,5 bar in the front and 2,0 bar in the rear.

Chain – clean and lubricate slightly. Tension if needed.

Brakes – check that the brakes work. Change the pads if needed.

Bleed the brakes if needed.

Long term/Winter storage of the bike/battery:

The battery must remain on the bike.

The bike can be stored in both high and low temperature, low is preferred, +45C to -20C.

Preferrably store the bike in a dry place.

The battery should not be charged before storage, it benefits from storage at low voltage.

After storage when it’s time to use the bike, charge the battery, service the bike and go biking.

Recommendations regarding leather products:

Please take great care of your leather saddle and grips.

The leather products may get wet, let them air dry.

Wet leather may color your clothes, so avoid getting the leather wet.

Use a cover when parking the bike when you expect rain.

It is good practice to use some leather grease product a few times a year, let it stay on the leather a short while before whiping off with a clean rag.

Leather saddel Nystrom Special vintage electric bike
Leather handle Nystrom Special vintage electric bike
Leather bag Nystrom Special vintage electric bike