Customization Nystrom Special


Inspired by the past - Designed for the future


The Nystrom Special is a great bike in its standard form, but we realise that many customers will want to add their own touch to the bike.

It’s a matter of personal taste.


There are a few things that will affect the riding experience and then there are some things that will change the look of the bike.


We have two styles of rear fenders available:

Short style for the sporty look, but you will get wet if riding in the rain.

Long style will give the bike a more oldschool ”courier” style look and you’ll be dry in the rain.

Your choice when ordering (same price), and we do have spares if you want to change style later on.


Many prefer not to install the rear rack for the ”racing” look, but of course it’s practical with a rack when transporting some cargo. All bikes come supplied with a rear rack – it’s up to you if you want to use it or not.


Mounting of the rear light:

The standard monting of the rear light is: Rear light mounted to the rear rack.

If you are not using the rear rack the rear light can be mouted on a special plate which is attatched to the bike frame.

All bikes are delivered with the standard mounting of the rear light on the rear rack. If you want to use the special plate, let us know and we will include this.

Leather bags:

We have two types of leather bags for the Nystrom Special, both are in matching leather color to the saddle and handles (brown or black). This gives the bike a very classy look.


Saddle bag: A small bag monted hanging from the rear of the saddle.


Shoulder bag: A medium size bag mounted on the side of the rear rack. Can be used on one or both sides. Comes with a shoulder strap. The bag snaps to any rack built from 16mm tube.


The bags are available in the Webshop. Click here:

Handle bar:

The handlebar has a huge impact on the feeling, looks and comfort of the bike.


In the old days many bikes used the narrow style with rear pointing handles. This is a very classic style which looks great. In those days the braking was done by backpedalling, thus both hands could keep a firm grip on the handlebar. Today we use dual brakelevers on the handlebar, and we need to use at least two fingers for braking. This means we loose a bit of holding power on the handles at the same time as we are braking and the rider slides forward. Not an optimal situation, but manageable when used to it.


Our standard handlebar (wide) is similar in style but the handles are angled a bit more forward, this gives a very comfortable wrist position and a firm grip of the handles when braking. This handlebar is a bit wider which also gives more clearance for riders with long legs. The looks are still classic, perhaps with a more motorcycle feel.


If you can’t decide and want a bit of both, we do have a medium handle bar that is in between the narrow and the wide.


The standard handlebar is the wide. If you prefer the narrow or medium – let us know (no extra cost).


For those who want something completely different there are many handlebars on the market that could be used. We use a 25,4mm (1 inch) center mount and the rest of the handlebar should be 22mm. Please note that if using a very high or wide handlebar, it may become necessary to lengthen brake hydraulic tubes as well as shiftwire and electrical wires.


The bike is equipped with a two-speed gear system with a 1:1,65 ratio. The shifting is performed with the shiftlever on the left handle, much the same as other bikes.

The size of the front and rear sprockets also affect the total gearing and thus change the cadence (how fast your legs are pedalling) of the rider. This is a matter of personal taste if you like to pedal faster or slower. It depends on the bike speed as well of course.


Our standard sprocket combination is 34T/14T (front/rear), this gives a leisurely cadence of about 49 revs/min at 25km/h. These numbers may not mean anything to you until you have tested in real life.

If you prefer to pedal faster we suggest 34T/16T, this gives a cadence of 56 revs/min at 25km/h, this is useful if you want to put a lot of power into the bike as it reaches it’s 25km/h limit or if you prefer to use the bike without electrical drive.

We can also install a 44T/16T combination which is even more leisure at 25km/h.


Note that the sprocket sizes does not affect the 25km/h Maximum speed in electric assist mode.

If you want other sprocket size than standard, let us know (no extra cost).


The best is of course to have a testride to see what you prefer. If you get it wrong from the start, don’t worry – it’s possible to change the sprockets anytime. It does require some special tools and sometimes a different length chain. Your local bikeshop can help you with this.

Custom colors:

The frame comes in three colors and we do not offer custom painting at this point since it is quite a lot of work to dissassemble the bike for painting.

What we can help you with is custom painting of the battery tank. Let us know what you want and we’ll help you. This service comes at an extra cost of 2.000 SEK.

If you want something really special like candy or some kind of show-paint, this may incur extra cost, contact us for a quote.

It is also possible to add your own logo or detailing – contact us for a quote.