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How do I order a Nystrom Special ?

Here on the website. Click here: Webshop Nystrom Special

Resellers for Nystrom Bike, here you can experience the Nystrom Special. Welcome!

Click here: Nystrom Special

How much does a Nystrom Special cost and what is included ?

Price 27.900 SEK including VAT.

Included :


Rear rack

For orders within EU/EES (not Sweden) your country shipping cost will be added.

For orders outside EU/EES your country shipping cost will be added, no VAT. When the bike arrives at your country, you will be charged (VAT, customs etc) according your country rules.


Is the Nystrom Special Certified and CE marked ?


Certification: EN 15194:2009+A1:2011, ISO 4210:2015 and is CE marked


How does a Nystrom Special work ?

The Nystrom Special automatically powers the electric motor when you pedal the bike.

Of course you may also ride the bike without any electric assistance.

The rear hub is equipped with a freewheel giving almost no resistance from the motor when pedalling without electrical assistance.

More information is available on this website, see the menu.


What is the max speed of the Nystrom Special ?

In Sweden and most EU countries, the max speed with electrcal assistance is 25 km/h.

Above this speed, the motor gives no power.


What is the Walk-assist ?

When walking beside the bike at a slow pace, you may use the thumb throttle to get a certain electrical assistance.

It may also be useful when starting uphill.

The walk-assist function is limited to 6 km/h.


What is the max power of Nystrom Special ?

Nystrom Special is limited to 250W according to the rules for ebikes in Sweden and most EU countries.


Is the Nystrom Special difficult to take care of ?


It works just like a normal bike, except you have to charge the battery.

Please perform normal bike service at regular intervals.

You can do it yourself or let a bike shop do it.

Simple repairs like a flat tire is easy for the bike shop to fix.

More information is available in the menu , ”Manuals”.

Should you have a problem with the electrical system, please contact us and describe your problem so we can help you.


What’s the range with a full battery ? 

Difficult to answer, it depends on how much you pedal yourself as well as outside conditions. The battery is quite large, 760 Whrs so there is a lot of energy to use when riding the bike.


How do you charge the battery ?

Connect the charger to the bike on the bottom of the battery tank.

Then connect the charger to the wall socket.


How long does it take to charge the battery ?

From completely depleted about 5hrs.


How do you know the status of the charge process ?

Check the charger indicator light:

Steady red                  - Standby

Flashing orange         - Precharge

Steady orange            - Main charge

Flashing green            - Final charge

Steady green               - Fully charged

Flashing red                 - Fault indication


How many times can you recharge the battery ?

Normally you won’t charge the battery from fully depleted, so we calculate that the battery can be recharged about 1000 times before needing replacement.


What about the build quality of a Nystrom Special ?

Very high.

Please read more on this website about technical, safety, electrical and other aspects of our bike.

We have choosen the very best components to make this a really high quality bike.


Can I testride the Nystrom Special ?

Please contact us for a testride via email or phone/sms.

We are located in the beautiful village Sigtuna, north of Stockholm, close to lake Mälaren.

It’s also close to the airport (ARN) Arlanda airport in Sweden.

E-mail address:

Phone number: +46 (0)73-022 01 82


What if I get a flat tire ?

Front wheel – same as any bike

Rear wheel – Special procedure, please

”Manuals”, see menu.


Is a bike lock included ?

No, the customer will choose and install a lock according to his/her choice.


Is there electrical regeneration when braking ?



Is the Nystrom Special heavy to pedal due to the motor ?


with the electric assistance the bike is very easy to pedal.

Without the electric assistance, you will notice that the bike is heavier than a normal bike, especially uphills.


Is the rear rack included Nystrom Special ?

Yes, and it can be removed if you prefer the sporty look.

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