Comfort and color selection


Inspired by the past - Designed for the future


The Nystrom Special is designed for a comfortable ride. The extended wheel base dampens the road imperfections and the ”Fat Frank” balloon tires gives the bike a soft ride.

The Nystrom Special has an old fashoned upright riding position, giving a relaxed and comfortable ride even on longer trips. The wide leather saddle has springs to spare the riders bottom.

Be careful to adjust the saddle height and angle for best comfort.

Nystrom Special Piano Black is equipped with ivory white tires and honey leather

saddle and grips. Nystrom Special Deep Red is equipped with brown tires with whitewalls and honey leather saddle and grips. Nystrom Special Vintage Green is equipped with black tires and black leather saddle and grips.

When purchusing a Nystrom Special, included as standard is: rear rack, and charger. Free shipping within Sweden.

The Nystrom Special is equipped with genuine leather products to match the classic design as well as beeing comfortable.

Recommendations regarding leather products:

Please take great care of your leather saddle and grips.

The leather products may get wet, let them air dry.

Wet leather may color your clothes, so avoid getting the leather wet.

Use a cover when parking the bike when you expect rain.

It is good practice to use some leather grease product a few times a year, let it stay on the leather a short while before whiping off with a clean rag.

Comfort Nystrom Special

The Nystrom Special is available in three colors: 

Nystrom Special Deep Red. Nystrom Special Vintage Green. Nystrom Special Piano Black.

Red Nystrom Special
Vintage green Nystrom Special
Black Nystrom Special