Master's corner


Inspired by the past - Designed for the future

Master's corner Nystrom Special vintage electric bike


Welding one of the prototypes.

Shop master here :

A lot going on in the workshop, the pipe bender is busy and our new TIG welder is fantastic. Welding is a skill that must be mastered, you need to know your steel and keep the temperature perfect. Use the right welding rods and protective gas. Then you will be rewarded by the perfect weld, both strong and good looking.

The frames are painted in the right colors, with a high shine. Then we do the prototype final assembly here in our workshop. The design team does the final touches including some pinstriping, just like in the old days. Some of the custom parts are manufactured on our old Storebro milling machine. Then there’s my own favourite, the old ”Blomkvist” lathe from the 50’s. They built quality machines back then, it still performs well.

Everyones favourite - The coffee machine.

Good coffee - Happy workers. No coffee - No bikes...

Some pictures from the workshop

The first prototype is finnished after many hours work, we named it " Nyström Special ".

Master's corner Nystrom Special vintage electric bike