Inspired by the past - Designed for the future

Inspired by the past - Designed for the future


A warm welcome to Nystrom Bike.

The meeting place for design, engineering, crafts and safety.

We designed and manufacture our own bike, the Nystrom Special.

Our bikes feature classic design, modern technology, genuine crafts and are of very high quality.

You will immediately feel the joy of riding the Nystrom Special.

We want that feeling to continue for a long time, so we build our bikes to last.

It's essential to have a comfortable bike, the Nystrom Special has an upright riding

position and soft ride using wide Schwalbe balloon tires.

The Nystrom Special certified according EN 15194 and is CE marked.


Safety is vital for us, both the mechanical safety and the electrical safety.

Our bike uses Magura hydraulic disc brakes with integrated microswitches.

The Nystrom Special is designed with dual safety, both during charging and riding.

The electrical components are carefully chosen and integrated into the design by us and we have programmed the motor controller.

Service and spare parts is a very important part of our business.

We want our bikes to be used and function perfect for many years.

That's why we stock all necessary spare parts and service/repair our bikes if needed.

We are here for our bikes.


It is said that the details make the product, we say the product depends on the

details. Some say that our bikes are more art than transportation. 

We like to consider them both. Riding a Nystrom Special is pure joy - try it yourself.


Our bikes and accessories are for sale in our webshop.