Electrical Nystrom Special


Inspired by the past - Designed for the future


The Nystrom Special with its fully automatic electric assistance is a joy to ride, you really must try it to fully understand. All of a sudden biking becomes easy and fun. The bike trips tend to get longer and plentyful.

A Nystrom Special gives you just a bit of increased quality of life. Ebike instead of a car ? Maybe not, but some car trips may well be replaced by a bike ride. That could be considered an environment improvement.

It is of course possible to ride the bike without any electric assistance, you just don’t turn on the keyswitch. As easy as that.

Ebiking and commuting: Is it realistic to commute to work on an ebike ? YES – for many this is very possible. Our bikes have a large battery which will take you quite far.

If your work place is really far from home, you may need an extra charger to keep at work. Let the battery charge while you work, and it’s ready to take you home after work is over. For most, the large battery will take you both to work and home. If you need to bring some stuff with you, the rear rack is also useful for carrying things.

Poor weather – Raincoat will help most. If it’s really pooring down – take the bus…

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